150 DYI Black and White Formulas (Dignan)

150 DYI Black and White Formulas (Dignan)

In 1977, 43 years ago, photochemistry legend Patrick D. Dignan has issued a highly interesting paper, called
“150 Do-it-Yourself Black and White Popular Photographic Formulas”.

Some readers may already know the one year later published equivalent “How to Compound… Simplified Color Processing Formulas“, which has been available here for a little longer to download.

Darkroom comrade Adrian C. from England was so nice and gave me his copy of this very rare document; Filmkorn now makes it available here, freshly scanned for the interested self-processors, for download as a searchable PDF!

The 111-page book is incredibly interesting and full of rare gems. How to effortlessly push Tri-X to 2500 ASA? How do you mix Diafine or Neofin Blue yourself? But you can also find absolute oscurities like a monobath reversal developer (!), which supposedly gets 1600 ASA out of a Plus-X. Or a one-bath recipe that produces SW negatives in 1.5 seconds at 77°C.

A lot of stuff to experiment with!

Friedemann Wachsmuth

Schmalfilmer, Dunkelkammerad, Selbermacher, Zerleger, Reparierer und guter Freund des Assistenten Zufalls. Nimmt sich immer viel zu viele Projekte vor.

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Krystof Posted on 02:09 - 5. November 2020

Hello Friedemann, thank you very much for this shared document. I’d be interested to know if you had a chance to try any recipe from this book?

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