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DigIt: The archive of everyday analogue life

DigIt: The archive of everyday analogue life

Digit is a WDR project in which new photos and films from everyday life of the past are added to a database every day.

Digit is designed to prevent these images and memories from being forgotten. Instead, we want to use Digit to save analog material into our digital age. Digit stands for digital, but at the same time is a prompt. Because “Dig it” is also English! So like treasure diggers, you’re supposed to sift and sort. You can make your material available to the general public via an upload at Digit or make it available to us for digitization.

A complete list of all the narrow films already digitized by Digit can be found here on Vimeo. It’s fun to let yourself drift there!



Super 8 Workshop “Film Your Frankenberg”

Super 8 Workshop “Film Your Frankenberg”

In Saxon Frankenberg, a Super 8 workshop will take place in June 2019. Five participants learn with filmmaker Patrick Müller the handling of a Super 8 camera and the development of the film to the negative with the self-produced organic developer Caffenol. Afterwards begins a colorful ramble through Frankenberg, where everyone can capture his view of the city on the Zschopau river during the State Garden Show. The next day, all of the films will be developed together, will also be projected onto the big screen of the beautiful Welt-Theater cinema on the 22nd of June 2019. Are you ready for the analogue coffee-movie revolution?

More information and registration details can be found here. The workshop will be held in German and English.

## UPDATE 17.01.2019: 1 place available ##


Die Einfach-8-Kameras vor Super-8 und Single-8

Die Einfach-8-Kameras vor Super-8 und Single-8

Es waren nicht weniger als elf Produkte. Nachdem das Doppel-8-Film-System Fuß gefaßt hatte, gab es immer wieder Anläufe, die Sache zu vereinfachen. Doppel-8-Film in Kassette und Ladern konnte aber nie richtig einschlagen. 1935, dreißig Jahre vor Super-8 und Single-8, kam eine erste Initiative von der Bell & Howell Company mit dem Filmo Straight Eight.  

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Alle Marken Beaulieu Nikon
Siegfried Munder
D 31785 Hameln
Tel. 05151/67278
Manfred Rehberger
Leutersbergstraße 25
D-69250 Schönau
06228 – 10 94
E. Piehler
Kameraservice und Filmtechnik
Nachtweide 13
64569 Nauheim
Tel. 06152/807938
Josef Grassmann
Cecilienstraße 4
D-53773 Hennef
Tel. 02242/84004
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