DIY Tape Roller

DIY Tape Roller

Those who splice their film with tape know the air bubbles that occasionally gather under the adhesive film. From Würker (and later Wittner) there was the practical tape roller with which this air could be removed. Splices processed in this way are less visible and audible.

Today, these rollers are hard to find and often very expensive. What helps: Build one yourself! A capstan drive pressure roll from the craft box and an old spoon (for a handy, sturdy handle) were all that was needed alongside a hole, bolts and nuts.

Recommended for imitation!

Rubber pressure rolls from cassette and VHS recorders are easy to find — in old appliances, the craft box or junk stores like Pollin.
The finished tape roller before the screw was cut off. Loc-tite prevents the countered nuts from opening.
A tape splice before pressing the tape. Here it was probably a bit dusty ..?
… and after rolling on. The narrow roll is primarily intended for 8mm film, but is also suitable for 16mm film.
Friedemann Wachsmuth

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