IN THE CELLAR – Laboratory Cooperatives at the 23rd Dresden Small Gauge Film Festival

IN THE CELLAR – Laboratory Cooperatives at the 23rd Dresden Small Gauge Film Festival

Films or film programs by independent film and laboratory communities have always been an important part of the Dresden small format film, in addition to the competition programs that are the focus of the audience. This year, two such events were on the program.

On Saturday evening, the Motorenhalle hosted a showcase of the work of the Canadian film collective “Double Negative.” Mike Rollo, who also serves as a jury member of the International Competition, presented a total of nine works from the years 2005 to 2020. All films were screened in analog with 16mm film projector, one film even in 35mm format. A TK35 case projector was used for this film.

After the International Competition, which was the highlight of the festival, films by various European laboratory collectives were shown in the concert cellar of the Riesa Efau late on Saturday evening.

In the concert cellar of the Riesa Efau: film projectors for 3 formats and slide projector for the background images during the moderation.

Representatives of filmkoop wien and Analogfilmwerke Hamburg came to present their films and laboratories. Unfortunately, the filmmaker Oscar Weiss, whose laboratory in Strasbourg is currently under construction, could not be present in person.

Jan Nordsieck hosting in the concert cellar of the Riesa Efau

The program in the concert cellar was put together and hosted by Isabel Apel and Jan Nordsieck, members of the DRKRM, a still young laboratory community from Dresden.

In all these “film artist” labs, the films are developed, edited and copied themselves using classic analog methods. This often involves the use of film equipment from resolutions of commercial processing facilities and other film operations that would otherwise have been disposed of. Furthermore, these laboratories also offer workshops on developing and editing analog film material.

The enthusiasm of these independent laboratory communities thus helps to keep film technology and film-related know-how alive.

An overview of the worldwide network of independent laboratories as well as a lot of information about analog film technology can be found here.

Functional Steenbeck cutting table for 16mm in the premises of the DRKRM.

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