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Bray Magitrak processor, marketed since 199? until 2010.

Made in United Kingdom by Bray Imaging Technologies Ltd, manufacturer of  film processors, slide mounters, and portable digital printing solutional for professionals photographers:

A unique multi-format (8mm to 320mm), medium volume continuous film processor incorporating the advantages of dip & dunk and leader processors, whilst maintaining the flexibility of a roller transport processor.

Chemistry tanks free from complex mechanics. Revolutionary magnetic drive system. Minimal film Handling. Small, manageable tank volumes. Low replenishment rates due to reduced carryover. Available for formats up to 10"x8". Low throughput requirement to maintain chemistry. Available in 5" and 10" table top or floor standing versions, dedicated to any of the following: E6, C41, C41-RA, B&W, P5. Variable processing speed. Built-in automatic replenishment system. Infra-red replenishment detection. Small tank volumes. Minimal usage of rollers (only one sumerged toller per tank). Multi tracking and flexible configuration: Can be configured to process different film formats, separately and at the same time.

Unique magnetic drive system: Reduces film contact with rollers and hence the possibility of film damage. Minimal mechanics in each tank, thus reducing maintenance and freeing time for other tasks. (Maintenance is considerably less then conventional roller transport machines). Minimises carryover of chemistry, thus reducing replenishment rates. Simplified loading with no leader.

All Bray machines are built from corrosive resistant PVC and stanless steel. Rollers in Bray processors which come into contact with film are coated in a silicone rubber sleeving which when wet, is softer than film emulsion. The Magitrak processors employ a drive system where the film is attached to a magnetic 'dog bone' which is pulled through the machine by magnets outside of the tanks. Again only one roller is required per tank, minimising the risk of physical damage and significantly reducing maintenance requirements. LEADER BASED MACHINES: This system is used in the Midget and E-Series processors. The film is pulled through the machine using a length of polyester leader which has been pre-threaded through the machine rollers. When loading films into the magazine prior to processing, it is normal to load a length of leader onto the spool before the film(s) which will then be pulled through the processor and become the drive leader for the next film. The advantage of this system is that the film emulsion only comes into contact with one roller in each tank and is only gripped by a drive roller after it has exited the drying stage where it is less prone to physical damage.