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Kodak Supermatic 8 processor.

"The Supermatic 8 Processor can be loaded in daylight with any Super-8 cartridge (50 foot, 200 foot, and special 400 foot cartridges). The processed film, ready to project, emerges 13 1/2 minutes later (50 feet). The machine needs only sources of water and electricity, and a drain. Chemicals are added from prepared packages, and the processor automatically maintains chemistry quality. When chemicals are exhausted, the machine disposes of them, cleans itself, and calls for new chemicals before it will restart. The Supermatic 8 processor can at present process only a single emulsion, the new Kodak [Ektachrome] SM 7244, which is available in 50 foot and 200 foot silent and sound cartridges. The price of the Supermatic 8 processor is $12,500. About 10-20 Super 8 cartridges per day will amortize such a capital outlay, over a few years' period, by comparison with typical commercial processing costs." (Text from American Cinematographer magazine, Super-8 Laboratory Services and Stocks by Richard Leman, November 1975, p 1315).