movie developing tanks \ lomo for 10 m film
ПM-451 Soviet developing tank for 10 m film.

It is a Soviet movie developing tank, which gives possibility to develops films from 10 to 70 meters of 8 or 16 mm, on light. The tank takes 3 litres of solution. The tank has 7 spirals and in this it is possible to treat: from one to seven 8-mm or from one to five16-mm of a movie film. Backelite body. Dimensions: 226 (diameter) x 227 (width) x 230 (height) mm. Weight: circa 3200 g. It is possible to turn reels by hands or from electrical motor, which use 127 or 220 V AC. Dimensions: 130 x 175 mm. Weight: circa 1800 g.