Copal Sound 200 XL

marketed in 1977

sound and silent super 8 cartridge

lens: Etalon f: 1.1 \ F: 9.5-19 mm

zooming ratio: 2x

focusing: fixed

macro focusing: yes

filter size: ?

viewfinder: single-lens reflex with locable eye-sight adjuster

viewfinder information: ?

exposure: auto exposure control; not TTL EE, CdS photocell

film speed: auto for 25/40 and 100/160 ASA only (daylight/tungsten)

ASA notxhing: 1-pin

backlight control: yes

exposure compensation: +/- correction for auto

CCA filter: built-in 85A filter, with filter cancellation screw

filming speed: 18 fps (sound cartridge), 20 fps (silent cartridge)

shutter opening: 230 degrees

sound: single-system, magnetic recording on super 8 film

sound sockets: Microphone, Monitor

microphone bracket socket: yes

recording level control: auto

remote control socket: ?

cable release socket: no

movie light socket: screw type

film counter: yes

handle: fixed, chamber for batteries

battery test button: yes

film drive motor: DC micromotor

power source: 6 x AA batteries only

weight: 1470 g

dimensions: ?

tripod socket: 1/4"

made in Japan [by Kohka (?)]