Kowa Scope System
  • "How would you like to shoot and project a 50-foot Super 8 cartridge that would last 7 minutes (at 18 fps) instead of the usual 3.5" minutes? Sounds like a pitch from a snake oil salesman, but it's possible with a new film format called 'Ultra Semi-Scope' (US Scope) developed by Kowa Seimitsu Co, Ltd of Japan. The format uses the familiar Super-8 cartridges, but the camera anamorphically compresses the image so that two picture frames fit in the space of one Super-8 frame. A special projector unsqueezes the image and projects it a normal frame dimensions. Since the US Scope cameras and projectors introduced at Photokina this past september offer both silent and sound filming. Because the new format uses conventionally perforated Super-8 film, laboratory processing and handling of films is the same as for Super-8. The US Scope projector is also adaptable for viewing standard format Super-8. Kowa expects to distribute their system in the United States in mid-1977. Prices are not yet available. For more information, write Kowa Co Ltd 21-2 Higashi Ueno 3-Chrome, Taito-Ku, Tokyo, Japan." ('Super-8 Filmaker' magazine, 1976)