Leitz Leicina 8V

marketed in 1960

standard 8 mm spool, 10 m

spool capacity: 7,5 m x 16 mm

lens: Leitz Wetzlar Variogon f: 1.8 \ F: 8-48 mm

zooming ratio: 6x

focusing: manual

zooming: ?

filter size: ?

viewfinder: single-lens reflex with locable eye-sight adjuster

exposure: auto exposure control; not TTL EE, CdS cell

film speed: auto between 6 to 400 ASA

filming speed: 16, 24 fps, single frame

shutter opening angle: <180 degrees

sound: no

remote control socket: no

cable release socket: single frame

movie light socket: no

film counter: yes

handle: retractable

battery check button: yes

film drive motor: DC micromotor

power source: 4 x AA batteries \ 1 x 1.35 button cell for lightmeter, PX13

weight: 1700 g

dimensions: 56 x 82 x 255 mm

tripod socket: 1/4" + 3/4"

made in Germany by Ernst Leitz