Leitz Leicina Super RT 1

marketed in 1970

production: 1970-1977

silent super 8 cartridge

lens: Leicina Vario f: 1.9 \ F: 8-64 mm

zooming ratio: 8x

focusing: manual, split image

zooming: auto with 2 speeds and manual

filter size: 46 mm

viewfinder: single-lens reflex with locable eye-sight adjuster

exposure: auto exposure control; TTL EE

EE lock: yes

exposure compensation: +/- correction for auto

film speed: auto between 25 and 400 ASA (1)

ASA notching: 6-pin

CCA filter: built-in 85A filter, with filter switch

filming speed: 9, 18, 25, 54 fps, single frame

shutter opening angle: <180 degrees

fading: yes

lap dissolve: yes

time exposure: yes

sound: double-system, sound recording with sychronized tape-recorder (2)

remote control socket: yes

cable release socket: yes

movie light socket: no

frame counter: yes

handle: retractable

battery test indicator: yes

film drive motor: DC micromotor

power source: 5 x AA batteries only

weight: 1440 g

dimensions: 70 x 100 x 290

tripod socket: 1/4"

made in Germany by Leitz

  • see the Leitz ST-1 Electronic Control Unit, accessory for synchronized sound with external tape recorder, interval timer, etc

  • (1) 16/25, 25/40, 40/64, 64/100, 100/160, 160/250, 250/400

  • (2) with selector knob for synchronizing impulses: 1 pulse per frame or 1 pulse every fourth frame