Mekel 300 Instant Analysis Camera

marketed in 1985 (1)

manufactured since 1985 until 198?

production: ?

Polavision Phototape Cassettes (2)

lens: C-Mount type interchangeable lenses

viewfinder: single-lens reflex with adjustable eyepiece

viewfinder information: correct exposure signal (green LED), not enough light signal (red LED), too much light signal (yellow LED)

exposure: auto exposure control; TTL Exposure Metering

film speed: auto for 711 and  718 Polavision phototapes cassettes (3)

CCA filter: not built-in 85A filter

filming speed: variable speed, 4 to 300 fps (4)

shutter opening angle: rottary shutter, 90 angle exposure equivalent (5)

film transport: intermittent pin-resgistered film transport (6)

handle: detachable pistol grip for handheld use

film counter: film % used indicator (LED display on the back of the camera)

power source: 28 V DC (+/-4 V) (7) \ 1 x 9 V alkaline battery for film % used meter

weight: 2700 g

dimensions: 120 x 200 x 230 mm

tripod socket: 1/4" + 3/8"

chassis: vinyl covered, sheet aluminium panels

made in Usa by Mekel Engineering (8)