Pro8mm 1014 Max 8
  • Marketed in 2009.

  • This camera is same Canon 1014 XL S, but modified for 16:9 ratio.

  • Max8 is a new 8 mm format created from Super 8. Pro8mm has enlarged the Super 8 frame on the sound track side. With this added area, the new frame has not the 16:9 ratio, but, in the Pro8mm laboratory, the image is cropped when the film is scanned. The camera has modified the film gate and has two black lines in the reflex viewfinder to indicate the size of the 16:9 image.

  • Pro8mm has also removed the internal 85 filter. "The internal 85 filter contributes more to the detrimental quality loss to Super 8 filmmaking than any other camera component. The internal 85 was made of plastic that deteriorates as the camera ages." (Extract from instruction manual).

  • "The Advanced Exposure Calibration System in the Max8 1014 provides accurate film exposures for all modern film stocks that range from 50-500 ASA. Most super 8 cameras were designed and calibrated to make their best pictures using Kodachrome film. With the discontinuance of Kodachrome 40, it is time to establish new standards and calibrate cameras to the modern film stocks now widely used. In our test of eight Canon 1014ís we purchased used, the average internal exposure was off by an average of 2 Stops. The new Pro8mm notch system is designed to provide accurate film exposures over a range of six ASA designations. Calibrated in 2/3 F stop increments, this system can tell a properly calibrated camera the best way to expose all Super 8 film stocks. Super 8 cameras that can be modified or calibrated to register this range of film will produce superior image to thosethat can not". (Extract from instruction manual).

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  • Instruction manual is available in Pro8mm web site, here.