Pro8mm Classic Professional

marketed in 2005

silent super 8 cartridge

frame size: 4:3 ratio (1)

lens: interchangeable lenses, C-mount type (2)

rangefinder: ground glass (3)

viewfinder: single-lens reflex type with adjustable eyepiece (4)

viewfinder information: pointer needle of the exposure meter, film-run indicator

exposure: auto, semi-auto and manual exposure control; TTL EE, CdS cell (5)

film speed: manual selection between 10 and 400 ASA

CCA filter: no

filming speed: 2, 4, 8, 18, 24, 36, 50, 70 fps, single frame

shutter opening angle: <180 degrees, variable

shutter speed (open - 1/2 closed):

2 fps = 1/7 - 1/14 sec
4 fps = 1/15 - 1/30 sec
8 fps = 1/30 - 1/60 sec
18 fps = 1/65 - 1/130 sec
25 fps = 1/87 - 1/175 sec
36 fps = 1/130 - 1/260 sec
50 fps = 1/175 - 1/350 sec
70 fps = 1/260 - 1/520 sec

fading: manual fade-in/fade-out

sound: no (6)

remote control socket: yes (7)

2 cable release sockets: socket located inside the trigger (8), socket located below the film-loading door (9)

movie light socket: no

film counter: 1-15 m, it automatically resets to zero when the film is unloaded

frame counter: 1-100 frames, it automatically resets to zero when the film is unloaded

handle: detachable

battery check button: position "test" in main switch, needle indicator in the viewfinder

film drive motor: DC micromotor

power source: NiCad 2400 milliamp battery pack, connected to the camera by a cable with DIN jack (10)

weight: circa 800 g (body)

dimensions: 70 x 1115 x 153 mm (body)

tripod socket: 1/4"

remanufactured  in Usa by Pro8mm

  • This camera is remanufactured from any camera of Beaulieu 4008 series.

  • Instruction manual is available in Pro8mm web site, here.

  • (1) Pro8mm Classic Professional camera is available in 16:9 version.

  • (2) Pro8mm provides the original lenses, but any C-mount lens can be mounted. There are three availabe lenses: f:1.9 | 8-64 mm (manual zoom, filter size: 49 mm screw-in),  f:1.9 | 8-64 mm (manual zoom, macro, filter size: 49 mm screw-in),  f:1.9 | 8-64 mm (power zoom, power exposure,  filter size: 49 mm screw-in).

  • (3) Retractable ground-glass provides choice of two viewing methods: (a) with ultra-luminous ground glass, for pin-point focusing and quality pictures, (b) without ground-glass, for general scenes, when aerial viewing is sufficiently precise.

  • (4) Mirrored guillotine shutter.

  • (5) Auto exposure control is only possible with the original Beaulieu lenses that were built with Reglomatic system. If the lens has not Reglomatic system, semi-automatic exposure only is available. Reglomatic: "Mounted under the lens, the Reglomatic system (covered by Beaulieu patents) is a transistorised micromotor geared to the interchangeable lens (8 to 64 mm f:1.9 Angenieux Zoom). The system computes the data delivered by the reflex photocell and responds accordingly by actuating the iris diaphragm ring (a reliable and precise mechanism which gives an image of improved definition). The response of the Reglomatic system is monitored, during filming, by means of a built-in monitor pointer. The Reglomatic is the answer for total automation. The system substitutes accurately for normal hand control. Just move the camera and watch the diaphram ring: you will see it move in response to changes in light intensity - quite a fascinating experience that will not fail to draw appreciative comments by onlookers. You can, naturally, switch to manual control. You simply set the control switch to semi. This disengages the Reglomatic system and allows manual control of the diaphram ring with or without photocell guidance. A trully all-systems camera, with interchangeable lenses, plus switchable and detachable auto-control, the Beaulieu 2008 S is a ready performer under any circumstances." (Extracts from Beaulieu 2008 S brochure).

  • (6) Pro8mm Classic Professional camera is available in crystal sync version. This version has not auto exposure control. It is only available in semi-automatic mode. The camera has a pointer in the viewfinder that indicates the correct diaphragm aperture.

  • (7) This socket takes a special electronic remote control lead plug. This remote control only must be used for any frame rate above 24 fps.

  • (8) For variable speed,used in conjunction with any standard deep-throated threaded cable release.

  • (9) For single frame shoot, a Beaulieu custom plunger release is required.

  • (10) NiCad 2400 milliamperes battery pack can run approximattely 50 cartridges on a full charge.