Pro8mm Ltd, 2805 W Magnolia Blvd, Burbank, California, Usa

 founded in 1971 as Super 8 Sound in Cambridge, here


Company founded in Cambridge, Massachussets as Super8 Sound – a name that’s sure to ring a bell with die-hard Super 8 fans. Pro8mm by contrast, now based in Burbank, California, the centre of the American film industry, offers not only film and special cameras, but also a photo lab, film transfers and digital services.


Of interest at Pro8mm are the nearly 20 different 35mm film emulsions offered in Super 8 cassettes under its own label, Pro8. These are negative and reversal films from manufacturers Kodak and Fuji. Colour as well as black-and-white films are hence available now for every conceivable purpose, in varying light sensitivities ranging from 10 ASA to 500 ASA for daylight or artificial light. These include Kodak EXR, an emulsion specially designed for digital mastering as Super8 film. Pro8mm even still has 8mm films in its product range – in the old format from the days before the introduction of Super 8. Pro8mm is the only company in the USA to offer digital scanning for these 8mm films.