visual instrumentation corporation

Visual Instrumentation Corp, Burbank, California, Usa

established in 1970

Excerpts from VIC web site:

Visual Instrumentation Corporation, Established in 1970, is a small business firm involved in design manufacturing and marketing of high-speed film & video camera systems.  The Company sells its products and services to Government, Military, Aerospace, Automotive, Industrial and Educational organizations involved in research, development and testing.  Customers are; engineers, scientists, researchers and others with a common need to employ time magnification technology.  They use high-speed imaging to study and analyze rapidly moving test events that are too fast for the eye to see or convention film and video cameras to capture.

The Company manufactures 16mm high-speed motion picture film cameras these include: Locam II & III, Hycam IIA, Fastax II, with speeds up to 44,000 frames-per-second & Hytax II 35mm synchro-ballistic cameras.  Electronic Data Management Systems for computer control of Locam III high-speed cameras.  Other V.I.C. products include: 16-CVS film scanners that convert 16mm & 35mm motion picture film to high-resolution digital format.  Selecta-Frame-5 16mm Stop-Frame Analysis Projectors, Hi-g camera mounts and a broad range of accessory products.

Rental equipment: Locam II, Hycam IIA 16mm camera and SpeedCam Lite high-speed video systems and most accessory items listed above. Also contract maintenance, repair and upgrade services for above items.

V.I.C.'s is also the exclusive USA distributor of related products manufactured by other companies.  These include:

  • Visual Fusion 2D/3D motion analysis software for film & video based applications, produced by Boeing SVS, Inc., of Albuquerque, New Mexico.
  • Super Cinetar II and Cinetel II wide angle & telephoto lenses.  Also, special application Hi-g lenses and accessories manufactured by: Century Precision Optics of North  Hollywood, California.
  • QuickSet Precision tripods and camera support products manufactured by: QuickSet International Inc. Of Northbrook, Illinois (non-exclusive).
  • Lenses and accessory products manufactured by numerous others companies.