Revue Lux Sound 80 Stereo

marketed in 1979-80

article num: 8''

super 8 mm film

lens: Revuenon f: 1.3 \ F: 15-30 mm

lamp: 150 W, 15 V, EFR

lamp economy switch: low light output; increases the lamp's lifetime

pilot lamp: bulit-in; lights when projector is connected to power supply

reel capacity: 360 m (1)

film loading: automatic threading

projection: forward, reverse

projection speed: 18, 24 fps, with speed adjustment +/- 1 fps

frame counter: 4 digits, memory conter, with reset button

built-in daylight screen: 8 cm diagonal screen (2)

auto projection system: automatic start of projection after threading; stops when film ends or is torn

sound: magnetic playback on both sound tracks

sound mode: mono, duo, stereo

amplifier: transistorized

amplifier output: 2 x 7.5 sine power; 2 x 10 W music power

frequency response: 60-10000 Hz at 18 fps, 60-12000 Hz at 24 fps

track sound controls: track volume, track tone, track recording level

recording: magnetic recording on both sound tracks

sound-on-sound: and sound fading

recording level control: auto and manual

VU meter: 2 recording level meters, for track 1 and track 2

recording indicators: 2 LED lights, for track 1 and track 2

automatic start of recording: selection of starting point via memory counter; remote start of external tape recorder possible

track-to-track dubbing: synchronous sound transfer from track 1 to track 2 and vice versa

sound mixing: yes

Public Address: before and during projection possible

input terminal: 2 x Microphone, 2 x Dubbing, Auxiliary (300 mV, 1 M-ohm, PA Input

input jacks: Mic: 3.5 mm jack; Aux: 5-pin DIN jack

output terminal: Headphones, 2 x Line Out, 2 x Dubbing, 2 x External Speaker (2 x 7.5 W, 16 Ohm)

output jacks: Line-Out: 5-pin DIN jack; Dubbing, headphones: 3.5 mm jack; Ext Sp: 2-pin DIN

built-in speaker: 2 speakers

drive system: two electronically controlled DC motors

power source: 100-115-127-220-250 V AC, 50/60 Hz, 260 W

weight: 10,500 g

dimensions: 150 x 245 x 360 mm

made in Japan by Chinon