developing your Super-8 movie film at home \ tanks, film splitters, processes, formulas

film developing tanks

- Arkay G-3

- Doran G3

- Honeywell Nikor for 50 ft

- Jobo 8 mm and 16 mm

- Lomo for 10 m

- Lomo УПБ-1 for 15 m (UPB-1)

- Lomo УПБ-1A for 15 m (UPB-1A)

- Lomo for 30 m

- Micro Record D17

- Morse G3 B2201

- Soviet tank, ПM-451 (PM-451)

- Soviet tank, УПП-1 (UPP-1)

- Superior Bulk SOS-P-60150

- Superior Bulk SOS-P-60151


film splitters, film slitters

- Baia film slitter

- Latvian film splitter

- Lomo film splitter

- Soviet film slitter

- Zenit film splitter



- Bray E-Series

- Bray Magitrack

- Cramer Automatic Processor

- Cramer Mark VII

- Kodak Supermatic 8




- Different methods of film processing, by Martin W Baumgarten

- How to make a Super 8 film processing rack, by Martin W Baumgarten

- Russian Lomo film processing tank notes, by Martin W Baumgarten

- Notes and instructions regarding rewind cine film processing using Doran or Morse G-3 tanks, by Martin W Baumgarten

- How to make a film slitter ('8 mm film slitter', by Herbert C Fischer, 1939)


E-6 process

- E-6 reversal film process with 3-bath kits

- E-6 3-bath process, variable temperature tables: Table of 1st Developer, Table of 2nd Developer

- Removing the antihalation layer (remjet)*

- Process E-6, Using Kodak Chemicals process E-6 (publication Z-119)

- Jobo E- 6 Handbook


other color reversal processes

- Formulas for E-4 solutions (Kodak publication no. CIS-111)

- Processing of color reversal film Orwochrome (Process 9165)


black-and-white reversal process

- Black-and-white reversal process

- Time/temperature table of 1st developer

- 'Hand made movies' by Brett Gaylor (black-and-white process)

- Reversal processing of Fomapan R-100 (Foma instruction, 2009)

- Reversal processing of Orwo films (Process 4105)

- Reversal processing of Orwo UN 54 film (Process 4185, 2003)

- Reversal processing of Svema B&W reversal film, by Olexandr kalynichenko

- Reversal processing of Kodak Tri-X, Plus-X (Kodak publication no. H-661, 2003)

- Module 15: processing of Kodak b&w films (H-24 processing modules for Kodak motion picture films, 2005)


web sites

- Articles on home film development, by Martin W Baumgarten

- Movie processing page, by George Selinsky

- Processing of a cine film in home laboratory, by Olexandr Kalynychenko