Films from the FPP

Years ago, some North American film enthusiasts started a podcast called “Film Photography Podcast” (FPP). They now also run an online shop, which is why the abbreviation FPP now stands for “Film Photography Project”. Until now, you could mainly buy films for still cameras there, including some of the rarer formats, such as 620. In the meantime, however, they also offer narrow films:
The highlight is that they not only have the normal range of Foma/Kodak/Pro8mm/Orwo in their range, but also their own brand. These are mainly 16mm films, which are also available with perforations on both sides for older 16mm cameras/projectors. A few Regular 8 films have now been added, which one would probably not have expected as a new release in 2019, such as color negative films:

Jörg Polzfuß

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