Original Wolfen NC 400 as Super 8?

Original Wolfen NC 400 as Super 8?

The British provider GAUGE FILMS reports on Instagram that the first tests of the Orwo “Original Wolfen” made into Super 8 material are currently underway. NC 400 color negative material. “It looks great already! Real grunge vibes and very unique! Stay tuned!” is the post’s caption.

Special features of this material are that it does not come from Kodak, was freshly coated in Germany, has no remjet layer and can be developed in both the ECN-2 and C-41 processes. The latter is possible above all because the material does not claim to compete with current Kodak Vision3 materials in terms of purely technical quality.

Not for people who prefer to project (unless they have a projection print made at Andec) – but certainly an interesting option for the scanning filmmaker with an interest in creative film stock.

The fact that this material is offered in raw form at a significantly lower price than Kodak material raises faint hopes for an interesting end customer price – hopefully well below the almost $40 that one currently has to pay for a cartridge of Vision3 color negative material.

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