Elmo C-300 Repair Exposure Meter

Elmo C-300 Repair Exposure Meter

A film friend recently asked for help, with his Elmo C-300 “only a potentiometer must be exchanged”, then it would work perfectly again – there I offered somewhat carelessly my help, because if there is something I do well, it’s soldering. But the operation was a bit bigger, because one simply couldn’t get close to the said pot for manual exposure control, without dismantling the camera quite far. In the following, I would like to show how this can be done.

By the way, the operation was successful, the potentiometer from a donor camera was transplanted, and the camera works just as conditionally as before: The fault was not the potentiometer at all, but probably a hooked moving coil instrument… But then that’s too built up for me. If it were my own camera, I might have tried my luck. 🙂

And here’s the abundantly illustrated guide:

For assembly, it is simply necessary to proceed backwards accordingly. It is recommended to position the board with the four screws first (without tightening them completely), because if you do not solder the stiff wires coming from below exactly at the right position, the screw holes will no longer be aligned.

Good luck!

Friedemann Wachsmuth

Schmalfilmer, Dunkelkammerad, Selbermacher, Zerleger, Reparierer und guter Freund des Assistenten Zufalls. Nimmt sich immer viel zu viele Projekte vor.


Jude Thaddeus Schork Posted on 15:52 - 23. August 2022

Hello. I just purchased an Elmo c300.
The exposure meter needle indicator in the viewfinder has broken off. Is there anyway this can be fixed without tearing apart the whole camera?
Also, the zoom lens controller isn’t working. Any suggestions about why/a repair solution? Or will the camera need to be torn apart?
Interesting thing is that I have another c300 that has the exact same problems. I really appreciate your thoughts on these matters. J. Thad

    Friedemann Wachsmuth Posted on 16:09 - 23. August 2022

    To be honest, I have no idea. I doubt anything can be done without disassembling it, which is very delicate.

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