Narrow film open-air in Dresden

Narrow film open-air in Dresden

Last Saturday, in glorious summer weather, a Covid-compliant open-air film evening of the Dresdner Schmalfilmtage took place.

The event in the courtyard of the Riesa-Efau was very well attended and the spectators were delighted to finally be able to experience live culture together once again.

To get in the mood for the evening, there was guitar live music and an art performance.

The film programme, which began at nightfall, consisted of 14 films by 9 filmmakers. From animation to experimental, a wide range of films was offered in colour and b/w, on 16mm and Super-8, silently or with sound, all with (more or less) reference to the theme of “summer and sun”. An old Defashortfilm about FDGB holidays in the GDR – divided into episodes – formed the “red thread” between the individual program blocks.

Jan Nordsieck from the team of the Dresdner Schmalfilmtage had not only put together this very interesting and varied film program, but also led through the evening and bridged with his sympathetic moderation initially briefly occurring technical problems with the film projectors.

Jan Nordsieck at the moderation

The filmmakers, most of whom were personally present, were available to him and the audience at the end of the screening blocks for a conversation or questions.

The evening ended with a music video shot on Super8 negative film by the band “Mockemalör”.

This music video and 2 other Super8 films were shown as digital projector projection. All other Super8 and 16mm films were shown as “real” projection with film projectors.

The analog film projection did not come close to the light output of the digital projector despite the use of a Bauer P8T400 with 400W HTI lamp (right) and the Elmo GS1200 Super8 projector with conversion to HID lamp (middle).
The event flyer as a digital projector image

Here is a list of the films shown, in order of screening (with links to film or filmmaker, if available):

L’Oasis by Jürgen Lossau

101 Palmas by Patrick Müller

L’Homme e la Mer by Patrick Müller

Kleiner havelländischer Hauptkanal by Dagie Brundert

Katzenlotto by Dagie Brundert

Les films du désapparaitre #3 et #1 by Oscar Hache, Straßbourg

Negative Space by Laura Träger, Analogfilmwerke Hamburg

Coney Island Mermaid Parade by Christopher Gorski, Analogfilmwerke Hamburg

Allotments by Antonia de la Luz Kasik, graduate of the Friedl Kubelka School for Independent Film

KleingartenBotaniker by k.Schreier

Am Sichelwerk von k.Schreier / Tonfassung Cineprojekt L.

Super8 Bootcamp by Michael Sommermeyer

Fifty-Fifty by Michael Sommermeyer; here the trailer

Klaus Schreier

hört Platten, fotografiert Kleinbild, filmt Schmal und dilettiert in der Dunkelkammer und am Schneidetisch

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