New hoses for the Lomo tank

New hoses for the Lomo tank

The hoses of the Lomo tanks often become brittle over time or have kinks that remain. Unfortunately, the hoses of all Lomo tanks do not have a standard measure, so replacement is often unsatisfactory. Although 0.5″ garden hoses can somehow be made attached to the smaller tanks, those are far too stiff and make a controlled outpouring of chemistry difficult.

A few years ago, Ricardo Leite from Portugal had exactly suitable hoses made with exactly the right bending behavior at a hose manufacturer, for which extra custom molds were made. I bought a few meters of these hoses at the time and can therefore help out if someone needs a new hose.

The hose for the 15m Lomo tank is 65 cm long, the hose for the large “Lomo Pro” tank, the 30m film in one piece, is 75 cm long. If you need a hose, please contact me. Cost is €10 per hose, excluding shipping. from Germany. (Unfortunately all gone! I only have a few left for the big Lomo tank.)

Friedemann Wachsmuth

Schmalfilmer, Dunkelkammerad, Selbermacher, Zerleger, Reparierer und guter Freund des Assistenten Zufalls. Nimmt sich immer viel zu viele Projekte vor.

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Sean Fisher Posted on 15:27 - 11. August 2020

Are these hoses still available? If so, I would be interested in two for the 50ft tank and two for the Lomo 16/35 pro tank.

Thank you,

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