A new product for better stability

A new product for better stability

Kodak Chemicals surprises with a new product that is supposed to improve an old problem of the Super 8 system: Poor image stability, which can increasingly become a problem, especially with older cameras.

The new “Kodagra-8” tablets are simply added to either the fixer, the stabilizer bath or even an upstream hardener bath, and are designed to ensure that shaky images no longer disappoint, but look as if they were nailed.

“On the one hand, the chemical-mechanical effect of the product directly improves perforation accuracy, but a sensory side effect means that both owners of rather short and particularly long lenses can safely enjoy steadfast memories without needing any other aids. The product unfolds its effect particularly well in dim candlelight. However, the fun is still over after 3 minutes and 20 seconds max.”

Dick E. Rect, Press Spokesman Kodak Chemicals

It is still unclear when the product will go on sale. Kodak strongly advises against purchasing counterfeit products offered via email or on the darknet, as they could cause massive color and sensory disruption.

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