Retrospective at the 29th International Regensburg Short Film Week

Retrospective at the 29th International Regensburg Short Film Week

Klaus Schreier shows Super 8 films at the 29th International Regensburg Kurfilmwoche

For the 29th time, the international short film week Regensburg took place from March 16 to 26, 2023.
As part of this major cultural event with many different venues, a rich program with many genres and thematic focuses and numerous prizes, there was a retrospective of the Super 8 work of Klaus Schreier on Monday, March 20th from 8 pm in the “Leerer Beutel” (a venue with gastronomy, various halls with stage, studios and a cinema hall).

Klaus Schreier showed the interested audience a selection of his narrow film works of the most different genres. From the one-minute, frantically edited and scored artwork “Dresden Zwinger” to a dark adaptation of the Edgar Allan Poe classic “House of Usher,” to a trash sci-fi with mutant killer plastic bags and a house slaughter of geese, to a short found-footage fake trailer for a thriller.

In between, Klaus Schreier demonstrated the ease of use of his Canon camera and answered questions from the presenter and the audience about the technology or the film tricks used.

The entertaining event lasted just under two hours. The films were dutifully projected onto the screen by an ELMO GS 1200 projector (which had been converted from the usual 200W to 250W halogen light). The resulting image size of about 2.40 x 3.20 m was sufficient and could also be well covered by the light source used.

The sound came directly and authentically from the two Super 8 magnetic tracks and was fed via a small mixer into two active speakers that provided sound to the audience.

Bernhard Plank

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