Super 8 Expanded – what is it?

Super 8 Expanded was the second Super8 evening at this year’s Bremen Film Festival. After the international Super8 competition took place in a somewhat more intimate setting in the municipal cinema City 46 on Friday evening, this prime-time event was scheduled for last Saturday evening in the Small House of the Bremen Theater and met with a great response from visitors.

Even the light output of an Elmo GS 1200 Xenon – placed in the middle of the audeince – only provided a moderately bright projection image. The remaining light on the stage for musicians and speakers turned out to be distracting and suboptimal.

Super 8 Expanded is Super 8 EXPANDED – expanded to include reading, live music and singing during Super8 analog film projection. The Super 8 Expanded film projects are about an expanded, intermedial concept of art.

The artistic approach and technical implementation of the 9 film projects were as different as the artistic background of those people involved.

The spectrum ranged from a rather dazzling film attempt with 10 superheroes / kindergarten children to oppressive body horror with latex fetish motifs in “Nocturnal Body”, which reminded me of the art actions by Günter Brus filmed by Kurt Kren.

‘Nocturnal Body’ by Falk Helmbold – film and Corinna Gerhards – lyrics/music by Miles Perkin

In contrast to this year’s International Super8 Competition and also in contrast to the conceptually similar event Super 8 meets literature at the Filmfest 2021, no winner was chosen for Super 8 Expanded.

In any case, the secret winners of this evening were Alfred Tews from City 46, who can look back on more than 50 years of Super8 passion, and Jan Drangmeister, a projectionist experienced in all analogue film formats. As a well-established team, the two ensured that the evening ran smoothly, even when the Elmo GS1200 Xenon threading button caused problems during the last films – unnoticed by the audience.

Jan Drangmeister (left) and Alfred Tews (middle) during an interview on the topic “pitfalls of Super8 projection”

Klaus Schreier

hört Platten, fotografiert Kleinbild, filmt Schmal und dilettiert in der Dunkelkammer und am Schneidetisch

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