How to Color Correct 16mm film

Who does not know them, the dull, gray digital scans of analog color negative film that can be found all over the Internet? Small gauge film beginners mistakenly think that the Kodak Vision 3 must look so low in contrast because it is usually delivered as a LOG scan by the scan service provider. But once you have treated yourself to a Wetgate positive copy, e.g. in Super 8 or 16 mm from Andec Filmtechnik in Berlin, you can see how beautiful negative film can look: the best contrasts and rich colors that ensure an unforgettable film experience.

But color correction is far from easy. It is usually sufficient to increase the contrast significantly and adjust it using the RGB controller. Filmmaker Brae Hunziker from Seattle, WA clearly explains how to do a proper color correction in the professional program DaVinci Resolve.

A nice instruction on how to shoot 16mm film on a Krasnogorsk3 nowadays, he had previously made in another video.

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