Photopia 2023

Photopia 2023

The Photopia trade show in Hamburg is slowly maturing into a Photokina replacement. But actually much better than Photokina, because this year both Click & Surr from Berlin and Khrome from Hamburg were represented – both absolute meccas for friend of analog film!
The Khrome booth was purely dedicated to stills, but offered, among other things, a 2h developing service for C-41 films. At Jürgen’s from Berlin, there were cameras and films as well as a few containers running Super 8 loops with scenes from world travels – not only a feast for the eyes, but also a good heating system for the huge exhibition hall. 🙂

I was there, armed with a Cartridge 500T and the Canon310xl as well, below are a few impressions of my visit.

The film was developed at Andec, digitized by me on my DIY scanner and converted to positive and color graded in Davinci. Have fun!

Friedemann Wachsmuth

Schmalfilmer, Dunkelkammerad, Selbermacher, Zerleger, Reparierer und guter Freund des Assistenten Zufalls. Nimmt sich immer viel zu viele Projekte vor.

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